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A day of slides, swings and bikes.

Working as a call-center agent I can say is not a walk-in-the-park. I admire my friends most especially my wife for making it through this career. Imagine that! My wife has been working for more than 5 years now and has experienced different kinds of shifts.

Even if I have the extensive knowledge of a tech person, I am positive that I do not have competitive communication skills to match with it. As my trainer has said, "masmadali sa isang techie ang makipag-usap sa isang PC kesa sa makipag-usap sa isang tao sa telepono." (It's much easier for tech people to fix a machine than to talk to a normal person on the phone.) True.

After several days in call-center training, I decided to give up and go back to my work at home... What work are you talking about? ... What else but to be a home-stay dad. Cook food, watch the kids and just stay at home.

Still feeling a bit light-headed from my last shift, I decided to go out with my family and visit a nearby park. We have decided to make it to the Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC) this time after hearing some great news about the new playground facilities the Quezon City government has installed for the kids.

For some time, I never had a good impression on QMC. Other than knowing it as a place for "lovers" to meet  and a haven for robbers and evil doers, it really doesn't sound like a good place for the family.  I am sorry to say this. But that is how I perceive QMC before it made a huge makeover.

I was so surprised to see some improvements made in this park. A dedicated bike lane, a humongous number of playground sets to choose from, a theme park and a modified uplifting landscape. It looks much better and enticing for families like us to visit and looks safer for children to spend the rest of their day.

There were so much playground sets to choose from that Albert immediately went hopping from one to another.
A yellow and black castle inspired playground.
Blue and grey carrying an industrial theme.
One of the biggest and longest playground spot. Complete with two swings, a spiral slide and  an obstacle course.

Visiting QMC will not be complete if you don't rent a bike at their cycle area. Maybe it would be better if we brought our own. Rental rates starts at P90 per hour (for kiddos) and P120 (sidecars).

Albert enjoying his first bike ride on a two wheel. (Hey! Make that four!) 

Albert and Kendrick on baby bikes.

Rented out a bike for the three of us to enjoy.

Luckily, we went to the park on an early weekday morning. The best time and day to be at QMC were there is less people plus a higher chance of getting a parking space and a good picnic table or spot. Too bad, only a few stalls are open for us to do some flea market shopping with wifey. Oh well!

Our supposed to be lunch at home became our baon for picnic.
Quick Carbonara cooked by my sis-in-law.
Albert and Kylie plays with some bubbles while waiting for the food to be ready.
Kylie, Kendrick and Albert make their fun shots on one of the park benches.
Albert seems a bit tired though. 

Seeing these photos I have taken during our visit in QMC has again invited me to make another trip this coming Christmas season. My kids will surely love it! But this time, we'll be bringing our own bikes to save some amount on bike rentals.



I'm currently studying Com. Network Administration, and had worked before as a CSR. The quote written was true, until now I have gained and developed my communication skills. You got pretty cute and adorable kids. God bless you.


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