Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Staying up late, Getting up early

insomnia comic strip
I am at it again! I think my insomnia just came back.

It's been an hour and 20 minutes past my bedtime and still I am here writing my first blog post for my first mixed topic personal online journal.

I suffered the same sleeping disorder a couple of years ago. And I think, I am too much troubled with my life back then. Too busy managing a business, worried about getting work, frustrated with a lot of things, are among the reasons for this unwary late nights. (Well, how should I call it!)

While I am still looking for ways to get myself to sleep, I did find a good one over the Internet. Here are some suggested tips on how to (cure?) this sleeping dilemma:

Insomnia techniques you've probably already tried but are still worth trying again.
Some insomnia techniques you probably haven't seen before:
source: http://www.well.com/~mick/insomnia/

I have tried a few of them but as of now, nothing really works for me :( I may need to see a doctor soon if this doesn't leave me by in a couple of days.

It's ok if I could get to sleep a little later it's just that I need to be up early tomorrow to open my store. (Sighs)


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