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Bye bye Santa

santa waving goodbye
A week ago, I asked my 7-year old son to write a letter to Santa in the hopes of making him change his treatment towards his younger 2-year old brother. Thinking that he could already write and read (even just a few words) I can motivate him to be a nice little boy this Christmas season.

We looked for an old sock of his and helped him write his letter. After completing the letter, we pinned it on a cork board at our study room. It was supposed to be hanged on the Christmas tree but we haven't completed setting it up.

But last night, Albert (my eldest) refused to review for his upcoming 3rd quarter exam. My wife was so furious that she decided to get off the Santa's gift deal and discarded the sock that's supposed to be filled with chocolates and candies by the end of the week.

I talked to my son and asked him why he didn't listen to his mother. And replied, "paulit-ulit na lang kasi ... palagi na lang nag-aaral ..."

An answer like that would not be a good one to say in front of my parents back then. Surely, I'll be spanked for answering back.

It's like they no longer believe in Santa. All my kiddos see is just a bearded man on a red suit who gives gifts on Christmas and nothing more than that. The idea of being obedient and nice this season is less of their concerns. The kids of today seems to be more liberated, free thinkers and unafraid to do what they want to do.

Still thinking of a another plan to make him review for this 3rd quarter exam. T_T (and sheesh! It's Math for today!)


Yup, I agree...my son even said to me, "Hindi naman totoo yan si Santa Claus sai sa TV e." Kids nowadays are easily convinced by what they see in the tube.

Kids nowadays are so different. With my mom di papayag yon na sasagot ako like that. I miss the idea of kids believing in Santa claus.

I feel sad about this. kids are not excited by the little presents. they want something expensive and thats the only time they will follow their parents. :(

I guess you make learning and studying fun by joining him. I don't think there's any free-thinking with answering back to your parents as such.
Child rearing is definitely a hard thing to do.

We do join him in studying his lessons. It's just he doesn't want to face his books again and instead play with his younger brother.

i must admit i am quite strict with my kids when it comes to how they show their emotions and how they regard other people...i want them to be open with us but they need to be respectful at the same time. being a responsible parent is tough but we've got to do it, for our children's sake. :)

My mom always listen to me that's why she always understands me. Kids nowadays are really different, as what my mom said. You/We really have to deal with the new era.

That's what I always tell my daughter too.. hehe we have to think of different ways in saying aral na...hihihi thanks for sharing this!

I think it's time to teach our children that Christmas is about Jesus our God and not about Santa Claus. I was not raised to believe in Santa. I never had that experience of putting up stockings on the window. I was raised to believe that Jesus was born on Christmas eve and Christmas is the time to celebrate His coming. But yeah, children nowadays, it's really difficult to discipline them. Maybe you should impose a different strategy to make him review his lessons. Merry Christmas. :)

I may recommend to review my speech before the kids in their moving-up program several years ago. The principles are very practical. I know your eldest son is problematic. He doesn't have the "security" and "trust" of you for you're always busy of your work. Don't worry it can be resolved. Reread my speech. Here' the link: http://gilcamporazorandomthoughts.blogspot.com/2011/04/bata-paano-ka-ginawa.html

ooh many kids don't believe in Santa anymore, some don't believe on the spirit of christmas either, too sad.

my son was just like yours adrian excepts that he believes in Sta. Clause which also the reason why we decorate and out socks just for him, ako ang panakot ko lang sa anak ko if di sya mag-aaral ay susunod nalang ako sa papa nia sa Qatar at magwowork na din, which is ayaw na ayaw nia, so he study d best he can.

oh my ang haba ng speech na yan, simple lang naman para sabihan ang mga bata eh

For me, I guess it's okay to forget Santa but not the main reason why we have Christmas..and that is Jesus Christ

no tv or any other priveledge unless he study first .and if you say something you have to stand firm on your decision in that ways children will learn .make it a habit for them to study everyday after school even if there are no examns coming up.hirap kasi sa mga parents madaling makuha ng dram or tantrums ng mga anak at ibibgay kaagad ang gusto which is not good kasi isipin ng bata na kayang kya nila tyo .

I'm not even sure if I believed in Santa back then.haha

LOL. That is one unique way of making him study.

Honestly, this is the first time we used Santa as our deal maker for our eldest son. But I think, restricting his access to the things he do enjoy will make him study his lessons or do his work.

Telling him about the true spirit of Christmas like sharing and being nice to other people is what we really aim. I think there are better alternatives for us to explore.

Thanks for the comments. Feel free to add more suggestions!

It would be nice if we forget Santa, because our main celebration must focus on Christ alone, the King who was the very reason why we have this season

Santa is just a representation for the gift giving and sharing this Christmas. I believe to Santa when I was a kid . I think there is no problem with that

Santa, the best way to teach kids how to give.

But kidding aside, try to explain to your son the benefits of studying. Both short and long term

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