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OFW single mom shares ill-fated romance, others could learn

The month of May marks the celebration of special women in our lives. Mother's Day which is always celebrated around the world on every second week of May gives the chance for many people to show our love and appreciation to all our mothers out there.

Now here, I want to share a story of a mother I knew. Who for the current time is going under a lot of stress when her marriage started to crumble down. Leaving her alone to rear for her child while battling the present issues of her life.

As her best friend for two (2) decades was given the authority to put into writing her unfortunate love story and how it came to be to the present.

Rara (not her real name), just became a single mom after finding out that her husband has cheated on her. She discovered that their wedding was null and invalidated. It appears that she is not the only person with a special place at her husband's heart.

Right after college, Rara immediately flew to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to put her knowledge to work. A closed-culture country where chance for socialization is way down low. In between those years she went back and forth to the Philippines to earn an MBA degree which she finished in 2005.

Way back 2004, the year when she met her estranged husband Daryl at an event held at her work place. Daryl was not much of a stranger to her for they had numerous meetings before but Rara was still too young to be concerned with the matters of the heart. Daryl was then the living in partner of her older sister's dentist.

Everytime her office held events for the Filipino community in Jeddah, he was there. She became more attracted to this guy and got more closer during the time of the pageant. This gave way to Daryl courting Rara which eventually led to them getting on together.

While Rara went back in the Philippines in 2005 to finish her MBA degree, they maintained a long-distance relationship which according to her was not easy. Their relationship was a bit unstable due to Daryl's trust issues. Days and nights she cried over it.

Year 2006, Daryl got the chance to spend more time with Rara. The two got more time to spend together and more often that not something special happened between them. Unknowingly, she has no idea she was already pregnant not until August of the same year she finally knew which Daryl denied his involvement.

They got married in Jeddah under civil marriage and seems Daryl wasn't sure on this idea. Her parents decided to separate them leaving her in emotional turmoil. Because of this, she innocently lost her child on a supposed to be scheduled check up with her OB (Obstetrics).

Rara was so devastated after losing her child and getting separated from his husband. It was the lowest time of her life. She  reached the point of taking her own life. Thank God that she didn't.

A couple of weeks, she learned to let go and started moving forward. 

She got back with Daryl the second time and again she fought  heaven and hell for her husband just to be with him. Their life as husband and wife was again put into test. For the time being Rara held on just to be with the one she love. Then again for the second time, they had a son - DL.

Not until year 2008, when the the winds changed unexpectedly.
Daryl's ex partner whom he had a child is troubling them with threats. And asked him to leave Rara in place of his paternal rights over his kid. She who had undergone the same fate gave way. She then blindedly signed their annulment letter with the promise from Daryl that they will be together again when things are sorted out.

Several years passed and she asked Daryl about the status of their annulment only to find out soon after. Rara had plans applying as an immigrant to Australia which will require not only money but several supporting documents for such application. One of which is a copy of their marriage contract since their child is carrying Daryl's surname.

It is then that she found out, that their marriage were annulled as early as 2009 and again her ex husband had married another girl. What made it more painful to bear is being spoken of with lashing words by someone whom you trusted your life with. Rara confronted Daryl and ended their relationship then and there.

Immediately, she moved out of the house with their child and went to her folks place. She didn't come to work for a couple of days to avoid further confrontation with him.

For several months, the estranged couple had bitter talks. Yet most of the time, Daryl threatens Rara with hurtful words and mis leading informations trying to break into the fortress she had built in her heart and soul.

Up until now, a battle is being raged between the two. No one still knows how and when will it end but only the truth will prevail when  everything comes to a stop.

The story of my best friend has touched my heart. Her struggles as a mother and most specially as a single parent reflects most of the lives of other single parents in the world. Though finding love from another person has brought her a painful journey, she kept her heart and soul strong for the welfare of her kid.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

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Let's help the victims of typhoon Sendong

Let's save Iligan, Cagayan de Oro and Northern Mindanao !

While everyone is preparing for the upcoming Yuletide celebration, our brothers in Visayas and Mindanao are suffering from the aftermath of the typhoon Sendong which struck the southern part of the country this weekend.

Never was the province exposed to such threats for several years but recently the devastation of Sendong has brought everyone in these parts of the counrty to their knees.

I was so struck by the photos and footages shared by fellow bloggers on what happened at Cagayan de Oro. Analogous as it happened during typhoon Ondoy yet the damage and the death toll has surpassed the former.

I was so disheartened to see bodies of dead children while their parents and relatives grieve. It's too much for me to accept what I saw that I burst into tears. I felt what these people are experiencing. A father with a lifeless kid in his arms. It really breaks my heart. I can't help to think that it might happen to us. Yet  I am thankful that the Lord has kept me and my family safe throughout the storms that passed.

I fear to say that the dead are already gone in this world (may their souls rest in peace) yet the people who are left living are still to suffer the pain and regret of the aftermath. Lives lost can no longer be replaced even with any amount. True. But a helping hand is what the survivors of this tragedy is what it takes for them to stand up from their bad fall.

Friday, December 16, 2011

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Recipe: Quicky Sausage Kebabs

On our last visit at the supermarket, we bought a few pieces of frankfurters for our kids. Really, they are way too pricey but really tastes good. These are not regular sausages or hot dogs though we see some similarities on them. But I do want to try one as I have tasted their samples before hand.

I thought my eldest son Albert would love them since it still tastes like hot dog and for sure everything that has cheese on it would definitely be a hit for my first born. Unfortunately, he dislikes its taste and would still go for regular hot dogs.

So then, its up to us to consume these expensive sausages. It's a good thing I only bought four pieces for us to eat. I would just fry them and set them aside when I have to make sandwiches during those popcorn hours (Movie time).

To make things more interesting, I decided to make better plans for it other than frying it and saving it for later. I came across an interesting, healthy and quick recipe for these sausages and I kind of added it to my top list of favorite meals.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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A day of slides, swings and bikes.

Working as a call-center agent I can say is not a walk-in-the-park. I admire my friends most especially my wife for making it through this career. Imagine that! My wife has been working for more than 5 years now and has experienced different kinds of shifts.

Even if I have the extensive knowledge of a tech person, I am positive that I do not have competitive communication skills to match with it. As my trainer has said, "masmadali sa isang techie ang makipag-usap sa isang PC kesa sa makipag-usap sa isang tao sa telepono." (It's much easier for tech people to fix a machine than to talk to a normal person on the phone.) True.

After several days in call-center training, I decided to give up and go back to my work at home... What work are you talking about? ... What else but to be a home-stay dad. Cook food, watch the kids and just stay at home.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Bye bye Santa

santa waving goodbye
A week ago, I asked my 7-year old son to write a letter to Santa in the hopes of making him change his treatment towards his younger 2-year old brother. Thinking that he could already write and read (even just a few words) I can motivate him to be a nice little boy this Christmas season.

We looked for an old sock of his and helped him write his letter. After completing the letter, we pinned it on a cork board at our study room. It was supposed to be hanged on the Christmas tree but we haven't completed setting it up.

But last night, Albert (my eldest) refused to review for his upcoming 3rd quarter exam. My wife was so furious that she decided to get off the Santa's gift deal and discarded the sock that's supposed to be filled with chocolates and candies by the end of the week.